so happy with how this commission turned out. thank you pascal for the tools!

unbound book



December 4, 2017

here i am with the wonderful, warm sün evrard! i had never been to the antiquarian book fair in paris: 2017 was my year. it is held in the grand palais, a gorgeous glass building with loads of light and — you guessed it — row after row of books displayed. there were so many design bindings, it was a thrill for me to attend all three days. a book of mine displayed as well, with the ara france group. many friends!

with eric & laure busser

April 7, 2017

amazing three days: amazing to work with tracey, amazing to meet jen lindsay, amazing to laugh with kathy!!! April 2, 2017

who can resist codex?!

nicolas yeager made this coolio day planner

andrew hayes & cathy

February 8, 2017

luigi castiglioni came to the academy to teach a master class in box calf. this two-week intensive was incredibly fruitful. so fun to take a class with all friends!

luigi nipping with dawn and don looking on, eleanore in back

final projects

October 14, 2016