King of the Alps. Reginald Farrer. Illustrations by Abigail Rorer.

(Petersham, MA: Lone Oak Press, 2011.)
28.5cm x 17.3cm x 1.4cm.
Number 23 of an edition of 60; signed in pencil by Rorer.

Bound in the French technique in white alum-tawed goat, montage sur onglets. The cover design is a geometric interpretation of one of Rorer’s engravings, using incisions and acrylic paints. Design elements include leather edge-to-edge doublures, suede flyleaves, and hand-sewn silk endbands. The spine has decorative onlays with title, author, illustrator and date of edition. Bound in 2013.

The cover design is a geometric interpretation of one of the illustrator’s engravings using a technique of incision and removal of very thin lines of leather, those subsequently painted with acrylics in grey (reflecting the rock out-cropping) and blue (representing the little flower of the title, the King of the Alps). The story is by Reginald Farrer, who hiked high in the alpine zones to find a glimpse of this little beauty. The white cover was chosen to suggest immersion in a high-alpine cloud and subsequently coming upon the flower but barely seeing it through the mist. Blue and grey repeat in the interior, with blue leather edge-to-edge doublures and grey suede flyleaves. The silk endbands are hand-sewn in grey as well. The spine onlays are shaped to keep the visual flow of the rock out-cropping when the book is fully open.