Jaw Law. Seán Sweeney. Original artwork by Holton Rower.

(Paris, France: Maeght Éditeur, 1999.)

Edition in English; copy no. 33 of 100; signed by the author & artist.

9.5cm x 10.2cm x 1.7cm

Bound in the French technique in maroon goat, montage sur onglets. Design elements include inlays and incised & painted lines on the cover, hand-sewn silk endbands, leather doublures, and suede flyleaves. Title hand-painted on cover. Bound in 2014.

The barking dog and green inlay ovals are taken from Rower’s original artwork inside the book, which I found engaging. I interpreted these elements toward a good fit on the cover, with particular attention to the crazy eye of the dog being set right in the middle of the spine. Though the size of the book is small, the typography and art are erratic and big, and the crazed but loyal dog perfectly exemplifies that.