A Raisin in the Sun. Lorraine Hansberry

(London: Methuen & Co, Ltd., 1960.)

This book is bound in maroon goat skin in the French technique. Design elements include full leather doublures and endpapers, embroidery silk endbands, a colored topedge, and onlays in chagrin leather with a back cover wrinkle. The title is hand-tooled in soot. Custom clamshell box. Bound in 2006.

A moving story about a family living “the human condition”, my design intends to reflect the integrity of the family interacting with the world around it, while retaining its own beauty. The wrinkle represents palpable and challenged frontiers; the onlays represent the beauty & self-respect of the central characters, as well as the interconnectedness between them. A monochromatic color scheme complements the whole.