back in the city of light, one of my favorite places in the world.  and with two of my favorite colleagues!  first time working in box calf, and first time making the “de gonet” style structure.

ana ruiz-larrea is a skilled binder and fantastic teacher. this was my second time in her atelier.

ana, coleen, cathy

ana, coleen, cathy




tied up

box calf doublures

box calf doublures

September 28, 2015

miniatures with gabrielle fox (at aab, telluride), more fun than i had imagined!  i am already making a few more…

above is lady letters in periwinkle ostrich. below is silver bindings in black goat with pewter inlays.


photo of the class miniatures:

IMG_3820 June 26, 2015

codex: so many friends, so many incredibly unique efforts…

looking forward to 2017 already ~



DSC06128 March 2, 2015

had a really fantastic class with peter geraty last week, at aab in telluride.
‘parchment over boards’, such a wonderful feel to the book in the end.
i’m making three more now… two shown below: one with alum-tawed thongs, one with the regular parchment tapes… just love the structure, ha!



DSCN0009 November 7, 2014