Nimed, Sõnad, Nõiamärgid 4 X (4+4) X 4: Noor Eesti Luule. Edited by Jürgen Rooste.

(Tallin, Estonia: 2014.)
17.6cm x 12.8cm x 2.2cm
Edition in Estonian & English; number 125 of an edition of 700 (222 numbered).

Bound in the reliure à cru structure in pared and onlayed leather. Design elements include leather endbands, colored edges, and suede doublures and flyleaves.  “4 x (4+4) x 4” and two rectangles tooled on cover. Bound in 2014. Chemise & slipcase.

I choose this leather because it speaks to me of the fluidity and beauty of poetry. I added some onlays and tooling to provide interest. The rectangles on the recto and verso are the print margins of the poetry in the interior. The chemise and slipcase are titled in English.