160 Cat Proverbs. Jane Grabhorn.

(San Francisco, CA: Grabhorn-Hoyem, 1969.)
15.4cm x 23cm x 1.4cm

Bound in the French technique in grey goat, with colored inlays on cover depicting a cat. Design elements include hand-sewn silk endbands, natural edges, and leather hinges. Titled on front cover with onlays. Bound in 2010.

A collection of proverbs, the reigning theme is “cats.”  I decided to use this image, but (as always), it had to be abstracted. Prior to titling, a friend had commented that I should photograph the cat right-side up — I felt the best way to indicate to the viewer that the fellow was meant to be upside-down was to make the title large and legible right on the front cover! The title is made with onlays, following the typeface used in the text.