Contes de ma mere l’Oye. Illustrations by S. Delprat, C. Henault, L. Koechlin & J. Zirnhelt.

(France: Biennales Mondiales de la Reliure d’Art, 2006.)
19.8cm x 28cm x 4.3cm
Edition in French; number 785 of 900.

Bound in the French technique in red chagrin. Design elements include hand-sewn silk endbands, hand-colored & “crackled” gold top-edge, and hand-made gold endpapers. Title and tooling in 23karat gold. Bound in 2007.

This book contains the original Mother Goose stories (in French) that I made for an exhibition. I had a particularly fun time with it, as I made all the tools for the tooling in my studio with my own hands — brass is surprisingly malleable and I was able to make all the necessary curves for the egg.