Designing the Mentoring Stamp. Lance Hidy.

(Florence, MA: Kat Ran Press, 2007.)
15cm x 22.8cm x 1.6cm
First edition.

Bound in the French technique in black goat, with multiple onlays across the cover. Design elements include hand-sewn silk endbands, natural top-edge, leather hinges and French marbled endpapers. Hand-titled on front cover in palladium. Custom slipcase in leather and paper. Bound in 2008.

This binding is an homage to Hidy’s design and the concepts presented in the book. My work often plays with use of line, and I found that shapes emerged as solid blocks and forms, with a distinctive linear quality between them that pleased me — as well as highly abstracting Hidy’s design. I represented this with various monochromatic skins as onlays, back-pared. (Onlays include oasis goat, eel, chagrin, and sting-ray.)