Poems from Last Summer. Robert Scott.

(Saint Paul, MN: Midnight Paper Sales Press, 1982.)

13.4cm x 15.9cm x .8cm

Bound in stone veneer, in the staple structure developed by Sün Evrard. Gold staples and silver stays create the secondary sewing, visible from the exterior. Laminated moriki flyleaves. Untitled on cover. Bound in 2014. Custom chemise and slipcase.

The cover design reflects the square that is featured on the frontis page, tooled on the stone in 23k gold and palladium in deference to the wonderful weaves that Schanilec printed in the illustrations in the book. Tipped in the front is a letter to the binder from Schanilec, and in the back, another image that was printed “about the same time” as the book and lived by this copy on his shelf.