Paul Celan: A Reading for Group 47. Paul Celan. Translated by John Felstiner. Illustration by Dirk Hagner.

(Florence, MA: The Shackman Press, 2009.)

Number 40 of an edition of 50. Signed by the translator & illustrator.

21cm x 26.8cm x 1cm

Bound in stone veneer, in the staple structure developed by Sün Evrard. Copper staples and basswood stays create the secondary sewing, visible from the exterior. Flyleaves are marbled paper by Pamlea Smith laminated to moriki. Bound in 2014. Custom chemise and slipcase, titled.

The cover design reflects the “47” referred to in the title, as there are 47 small holes in the cover with bits of color peeping through. As explained in the front of the book, Group 47 was the German literary club of Chicago, and these poems were read by Celan at their meeting May, 1952. Notably, the reading was “poorly received” and “bruising” for Celan — thus, I made the holes subtle and barely decipherable.