Methodos. Kenneth White. Illustrations in silkscreen by Bertrand Bracaval.

(Nantes, France: Pré Nian Editions, 1988.)
31.2cm x 39.2cm x 2.6cm
Edition in French & English; number 40 of an edition of 60; signed by author & illustrator.

A laced-in, full-leather binding in dark blue goat, montage sur onglets. Cover design interpreted from triangular elements in Bracaval’s silkscreens using sting ray inlays, blind tooling and hand-incised and painted lines. Design elements include hand-sewn silk endbands, leather hinges, custom paste papers and suede flyleaves. Hand-incised and painted title on spine. Bound in 2013.

The design came from my fascination with Bracaval’s triangles, and particularly the negative space between them. That negative space became the focus of my emphasis while still retaining respect for the triangular elements. Working with sting ray was challenging and satisfying, as was my first incised title. This is the largest book I have bound to date, and I found the challenges rewarding!